Mr Martin Knight

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Mr Martin Knight is an internationally acknowledged leader in Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery. He has pioneered both the surgery techniques and the development of aware state spinal diagnosis globally since 1990; enabling a paradigm shift towards personalised tailored spinal surgery.





  • Failed back surgery
  • Keyhole endoscopic treatment of disc protrusions, extrusions, sequestra, axial and lateral recess stenosis
  • Leaking discs
  • High intensity zones
  • Black disc syndrome
  • Spinal instability
  • Spondylolytic spondylolisthesis or degenerative spondylolisthesis
  • Adult scoliosis
  • Facet joint cysts
  • Claudication
  • Cluneal nerve pain
  • Some forms of arachnoiditis
  • Some cases of Cauda Equina Syndrome
  • A wide range of failed back or implant surgery

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French

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Using unique technology, Mr Knight is able to find and treat the pain source detected by patient feedback. By avoiding General Anaesthetic and minimising tissue damage, Mr Knight can enable effective treatment to be carried out at the time of spinal surgery. The long-term results of this approach have been encouraging across all adult age groups, including those with significant co-morbidities such as MS, MND, Diabetes, Strokes, cardiac problems and poor pulmonary function.

Over the last 30 years Mr Knight’s cutting edge methods have succeeded in preserving the natural function of the spine and have helped thousands of people to enjoy a better quality of life by curing their back or neck pain; even after they have undergone failed back surgery or been told they will “just have to live with the pain”.

Mr Knight’s expertise extends to having introduced to the UK KTP532 Laser Disc Decompression for broad based disc protrusions, and to polymer disc reconstruction with Gelstix or Kehrfix, stem cell disc reconstruction, robotics and the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral fractures with the SpineJack technique.

Additionally, Mr Knight provides medico-legal reporting services.