Expert Second Opinions

Medical imaging is an essential part of healthcare. The formation of an effective treatment plan starts with accurate diagnosis reached with an X-Ray, CT or MRI scan, therefore, it is important to have high confidence in your medical imaging reports and the consultants who provide them.


At UME Health, our expert Consultant Radiologists seek to interpret your medical imaging and provide swift and comprehensive second opinions as part of a clear and informative report to make you feel more comfortable and reassured.

Working with Specialist Radiologists

At UME Health we work with specialist Radiologists who have extensive experience in providing second opinions, collaborating to support patients through delivering important services in medical imaging, ensuring that they have quick, easy access to expert reviews.


We will ensure we cater and listen to all patients needs, providing them with either new information, highlighting a discrepency or recommending a repeat study or recommendation for further course of action if the quality of the scan isn't adequate.

Why choose us?


Wide range of Packages

We have different packages available to suit your needs, such as a one-scan review, comparison of multiple scans as well as Radiologist consultation.

 World-Class Radiologists

UME Health is home to the UK's leading Consultant Radiologists who provide comprehensive reporting on all medical imaging.

Professional and Fast Service

You will receive your detailed written second opinion report within 48 hours of receipt and our Bookings team are here to answer any questions you may have.

How does it work?


Submit Request

Submit a second opinion request by filling in the enquiry form below.  A member of our Bookings team will then be in touch to guide you through the process, where you'll be asked to either upload your images to our portal or send us a disc if you are unable to upload your images.



Once confirmed, we will collect payment and submit the request to our Radiologist to review and report. We aim to send the written report within 48 hours of receipt. 



If your chosen package includes a virtual consultation with the Radiologist, we will contact you to book this in at a date and time which suits yourself. We are here to support you and if you have any further questions, our Bookings team will be happy to follow this up.


MRI | CT | X-Ray

Option A - One scan review: £275

Option B - Review and comparison of multiple scans: £400

Option C - Review, comparison and Radiologist consultation: £650


Option A - One scan review: £600

Option B - Review and comparison of multiple scans: £650

Option - Review, comparison and Radiologist consultation: £875

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