Advanced Health Assessments

An Advanced Health Assessment at Lumen can identify important risk factors and specific conditions early, very often before symptoms appear. This usually leads to more effective and less invasive treatment.

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Advanced Health Assessments

Our Advanced Health Assessments can identify whether lifestyle changes
are needed to reduce the risk of developing certain major diseases like
cardiovascular disease, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.

Our Advanced Health Assessments are specifically designed to be flexible
and each report is unique to you. This is a perfect opportunity to examine
your health and lifestyle in one condensed visit, under one roof, with the
knowledge that you are in safe hands.

    Experts you can trust

    Dr Garry Savin is one of the most experienced doctors in the field
    bringing over 32 years of experience.

    He has performed more than 20,000 health assessments to date and in that
    time has developed an extensive network of trusted specialist experts
    across a broad range of specialties, enabling a rapid and seamless onward
    referral service if required.

    World-leading facilities

    The Advanced Health Assessments are performed at UME Health which is located in London’s prestigious medical district.

    The facility has been custom-built to offer these assessments. We use world-leading technology, including the Philips Ingenia Elition 3T MRI Scanner, the GE Revolution CT Scanner, and Logic 10 ultrasound machine.

    This advanced diagnostic suite provides superior high-resolution scanning image quality. This means our specialists can consult knowing they have access to all the information required.

    Personalised health assessments

    The combination of an experienced team with world-leading technology means we can offer our clients highly personalised Health Assessments.

    Our expertise allows us to identify your risk factors and underlying medical conditions early, very often before any symptoms appear.

    Detecting potentially serious medical problems early usually leads to more effective and less invasive treatment.

    Lumen Advanced Health Assessments

    We use a meticulous approach, combining a detailed medical history and physical examination, a comprehensive battery of physiological tests, and highly advanced medical imaging technology, to build a holistic picture of your current health and lifestyle.

    The key objective is to avoid premature disease in the first instance but of equal importance is to try to detect early disease if this is present, as soon as possible. Prevention is always better than cure but if there is a silent problem developing, it is important to detect it early. This can very often lead to a better outcome.

    To provide the best service we have highly trained medical imagers, a suite of extremely advanced medical scanners, and very experienced senior radiologists to report your images. All these individual links in the chain are essential in order to deliver the highest quality of service.

    A bespoke plan of action can then be developed and tailored specifically for you.

    Lumen One

    Cost £3,700
    Duration Up to 4 hours

    A very comprehensive entry level health assessment suggested for those aged 35 and over who want a core health assessment.

    Lumen Two
    (without MRI)
    Health Assessments

    Cost £3,900
    Duration Up to 5.5 hours

    Comprehensive health assessment for those who cannot have MRI scans and also suggested for the under 35 age category.

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    your health assessment

    Lumen Two
    (MRI + Ultrasound)
    Health Assessment

    Cost £5,800
    Duration Up to 7 hours

    This is our main Advanced Health Assessment and is suggested for those aged 35 and over who would like a highly comprehensive assessment of their current health and lifestyle.

    Lumen Three

    Cost £7,000
    Duration Up to 9 Hours

    Suggested for those over 40 who want a very detailed health assessment and includes a low-dose CT scan of the architecture of the coronary arteries.

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      UME Health Patients Reviews

      At our clinic, we strive to provide the best possible care to our patients. We are dedicated to ensuring that each patient has a positive treatment experience and receives the best possible care from industry consultants. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment where our patients feel cared for and supported throughout their treatment journey. We value our patients' feedback and are committed to continuously improving our services to meet their needs.

      sharon wallis
      sharon wallis
      Very pleased they were able to fit me in so quickly. Easy place to find, and very comfortable surroundings. The 2 technicians were ver6 kind and made me feel very relaxed.
      David Young
      David Young
      I visited Lumen for a full screening in November 2023. I chose the Lumen because for the last fifteen years I have had regular MRI assessments with Dr Garry Savin at his previous practice. Therefore, it was imperative that I visited his fabulous new clinic. Lumen have the most state of the art technology in the world of preventative medicine but my reason for choosing the clinic was because it is run by Dr Savin. Machines are machines but the difference with Lumen is the man behind the machines - that is the key - and Dr Savin is that difference. That is the reason why I've followed him to his Harley street clinic. Lumen offers a state of the art service that is in a league of its own. If you are able to take up the opportunity to have a screening you won't regret it and should there be any issues the diligent on going support is amazing and couldn't be bettered. When you buy a car it isn't just the vehicle you judge it is also the after sales service - Dr Savin's I would suggest is second to none. Lumen as a clinic is amazing. Dr Savin and his team provide a service that makes you feel relaxed, informed and cared for from the moment you arrive. His wonderful colleague Natalie Boden steers you through the day from assessment to assessment, with Dr Savin reviewing your every move. The location in Harley Street couldn't be more convenient, the building luxurious and the team ultra efficient. If you are wondering who should do your preventative assessment then I would say choose Lumen because you will get the most advanced technology alongside good old fashioned GP care. Lumen is the best and you won't regret choosing it for your screening. If you run a successful business perhaps you could provide for your staff a screening at Lumen? I'm sure they would be forever grateful and you never know you may just save a life! Finally, I would be very happy to provide further references on Dr Savin and Lumen if required. Please approach Lumen and ask for the person who provided this review.
      Adel Ekladios
      Adel Ekladios
      Great place. Spacious, clean, welcoming and friendly reception. The site is equipped with an up-to-date equipment.
      Nigel Lowndes
      Nigel Lowndes
      The staff are so friendly and work as team
      Valentina Santo
      Valentina Santo
      I highly recommend 17 Harley Street clinic, Doctor Nazir and all his team
      Sol Downes
      Sol Downes
      I sought the help of PODOGO in June this year. After reading about Consultant Mr. Nazir background on the website, I thought that he would be the ideal person to investigate my problem; which was an ongoing foot injury that had been previously misdiagnosed by the NHS.Upon first meeting Mr. Nazir, it was very apparent that he was incredibly perspicacious in relation to his field, which was displayed by the way he was able to identify where my pain was, and his explanation of what could have been the root cause.This placed me at immeditate ease, by feeling he was more than capable to deal with my problem, of which I had suffered with for well over a decade with.Mr. Nazir very quickly identified what he suspected to be the problem, and arranged for a scan to be done. The scanned confirmed his suspicions that the injury was a fracture to my 5th metertasal bone, and that the tendon had been damaged, resulting in a full detachment.After carefully listening to the options Mr. Nazir suggested to fix my injury, I decided to go ahead with surgery, which was to remove a large piece of damaged bone, and reattach the damaged tendon.After suffering for a number of years, I placed my trust in Mr. Nazir to assist me in hopefully getting my full mobility back, and to be pain free, as this injury had had a serious impact on my overall health, for a considerable number of years. In my view, he has more than delivered on what he said he could.The day of the surgery was an absolute breeze, and all the staff that supported me, were also so professional by providing exceptional care.I am now approximately 8 weeks post op, and my foot has never felt so good, all my pain has gone away, and I am making great progress now, including being able to walk without any pain.To say I am surprised and elated at the success of the operation, would be an understatement.I am extremely grateful to Dr. Nazir for his extremely fast prognosis, diagnosis and successful treatment.I would highly recommend anyone to see Consultant Nazir, should they be in need of any foot related problem.
      Michelle Eggleston
      Michelle Eggleston
      Really impressed with service here. Went for an MRI appointment. Staff were welcoming and friendly, made me feel less anxious and very speedy. Would recommend to anyone.
      Debra Vercammen
      Debra Vercammen
      Felt very safe and well cared for

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