Claustrophobic Patient Friendly MRI Environment.


A newly highly innovative Ambient Experience has been added to our 3T MRI room.


This advanced technology positions a video screen outside the MRI, while a mirror attached to the head gear enables claustrophobic patients to focus on what’s playing on the screen and to relax during the imaging process, instead of being anxious about what's happening during the exam.


By integrating dynamic lighting, visual projection and sound elements, with the latest advancements in diagnostic imaging, a comfortable, calm environment is created.


The likelihood of rescans is reduced, with exclusive features such as 80% acoustic noise reduction, voice guidance and a comfortable table putting the patient at ease, enabling smoother and faster scans.


The scanner has a wide 70 cm patient bore (15 cm wider than traditional scanners) and a large 55cm FOC capability which can also accommodate larger patients. 

Why did we upgrade from an Open 1.0T to 3T with claustrophobic friendly features?

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UME Health recently upgraded our MRI scanner to have a high strength magnetic field of 3T, which has advanced functionality in order to enhance the quality of images in a clinical setting, whilst also speeding up scanning times.

What are the advantages of the 3T MRI Scan compared to Open MRI?


  • Higher Resolution Scanning: Our magnets are stronger than open MRI scanners and can easily tell fat and water apart during your scan, which results in higher quality images.


  • Faster Scanning of Images: Our MRI system surrounds you with higher-powered magnets on all sides, resulting in quicker scanning for targeted areas and fuller images.


  • Wider Diagnosing Options: Our MRI system can diagnose a wide range of problems due to the strong magnetic field and also can accommodate patients who are claustrophobic and obese.

What does the Ambient Experience include?


The Ambient MRI Experience provides patients with an interactive experience, enabling them to choose from different video themes which incorporate music, lighting and imagery inside the room and MRI scanner.


Traditional Scans can cause stress to claustrophobic patients, sometimes leading to inaccurate images due to more patient motion, however, the Ambient Experience makes patients feel more comfortable, and as a result, sit still which often translates to higher quality images.


This environment helps to empower and calm patients.

Patient Testimonials: