Corporate health assessments

Our Advanced Health Assessments at Lumen represent a long-term investment for your business, protecting your senior management team, demonstrating how your business values its people and ultimately, enhancing your company’s performance.

The Advanced Health Assessments

Our Advanced Health Assessment can identify whether lifestyle changes are needed to reduce the risk of developing certain major diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.

Our Advanced Health Assessments represent a long-term investment for your business, protecting your senior management team, demonstrating how your business values its people and ultimately, enhancing your company's performance.

    Investing in the health of your employees

    With ever-increasing pressures at work, recognising the importance of investing in the health of your senior management team will be the key to high performance, productivity, resilience, and ultimately, success

    A healthier workforce results in less absenteeism and the investment in the health of your team promotes employee engagement and loyalty.

    Protect your assets

    There are key people within your business that are critical to its success.
    It is crucial to keep them in optimal physical and mental health for optimum business performance, now more than ever.

    Addressing potentially significant health issues early before problems arise can have a very positive impact on an individual and their team, their families and the whole organisation through illness avoidance and decreased absenteeism.

    See what others are saying about us:

    “I had a full Advanced health check-up with Dr Garry Savin and his team at UME Health a few weeks ago and I could not have been more impressed with the professionalism, diligence and care throughout.

    The premises have just gone through a major refurbishment so the whole atmosphere created is crisp, clean and modern and, more importantly all the medical equipment from scanners etc are new, which was very encouraging to know.

    From the moment I arrived the service was exceptional and I could not have been better looked after. All tests etc were conscientiously and meticulously carried out and by the time the various stages had been completed, the results were available and I was given a comprehensive debrief by Dr Savin.

    A written breakdown of my results was sent to me by post and an electronic version was also sent through.

    All in all, the whole experience could not have been made easier and on something as important as one's health, I could not have felt in more competent hands. I would recommend the health check and Dr Savin highly.”

    Lower absenteeism

    Investing in the health and wellness of your people can result in significant benefits to company performance.

    The health of a company is dependent upon the health of its employees.

    A healthier workforce is a happier workforce, more engaged and more productive with decreased staff turnover.

    Tax efficiency

    The Advanced Health Assessment can have significant benefits to your employees, there are further financial benefits to the employer. Medical check-ups offered to employees by their employer are tax and VAT-exempt. Employers can enjoy tax benefits when they offer their key people a thorough health assessment.

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    The Advanced Health Assessments

    We use a meticulous approach, combining a detailed medical history and physical examination, a comprehensive battery of physiological tests and highly advanced medical imaging technology, to build a holistic picture of your employees’ health and lifestyle. Confidentiality is paramount.

    The key objective is to avoid premature disease in the first instance but of equal importance is to try to detect early disease if this is present as soon as possible.

    Prevention is always better than cure but if there is a silent problem developing, it is important to detect it early.

    To provide the best service we have highly trained medical imagers, extremely advanced medical scanners, and very experienced radiologists to report images.

    All of these individual links in the chain need to be strong and are essential for the highest quality of service.

    A bespoke plan of action can be developed, tailored specifically for your employees.

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