Dr Natasha Thandrayen

Speciality:General practice
Special interests:Women's health, men's health, paediatrics, elderly care, insomnia, mental health, medical check-ups, health assessments
NHS base:Private healthcare
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Dr Natasha Thandrayen is a General Practitioner at 17 Harley Street. Having worked in the NHS for 17 years, she is highly skilled with a wide range of experience and expertise across all specialties. She aims to provide patients with a holistic and comprehensive overview of their healthcare and prides herself on really listening to her patients, putting them at ease and treating each patient as an individual. 

Dr Thandrayen gained her medical degree from Royal Free & University College London medical school, and also has a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, from UCL. She graduated with a merit in paediatrics, as well as being awarded a presentation prize in paediatrics/public health. She completed the DFSRH (Diploma of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health) in 2010 which encompasses Contraception and Sexual Health, and has undertaken additional training in Psychosexual Medicine.

She went on to gain membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2014. She has also undertaken specialist training in Insomnia and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) at Oxford University, and is a member of the British Sleep Society. 

Dr Thandrayen is passionate about medical education and serves as the co-ordinator of the Highgate Self Directed Learning Group, where she arranges monthly educational meetings for London-based GPs. 

She also does voluntary work for a UK medical charity www.virtualdoctors.org which helps to save lives in rural Zambia in over 150 health facilities in impoverished areas. Outside of medicine, Dr Thandrayen enjoys attending the ballet at the Royal Opera House.

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