Dr Usamah Jannoun

Speciality:Sports & Exercise Medicine
Special interests:Treatment of lower back and neck pain, slipped discs and trapped nerves- pain relieving injections, CT and X-Ray guided as an outpatient, day case and hospital inpatient(epidurals, transforaminal nerve blocks, facet joint injections, sacroiliac joint injections
NHS base:Private healthcare
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Usamah worked for two years in two major Orthopaedic and Trauma centres in Germany and Switzerland before moving over to the UK in 1994 where he has since established himself as a full-time private Consultant in Sports and Orthopaedic Medicine with special interest in interventional medicine. He previously worked part-time as an NHS Consultant in Musculoskeletal Medicine leading a spinal pain unit in the South of England. Since 2010, he works full-time in private practice. He has extensive training in Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (University of Bournemouth) and image-guided back pain injections (Spinal Intervention Society). He runs a busy Harley Street Practice where he sees recreational sportsmen/sportswomen and athletes of varying sporting backgrounds for Ultrasound and CT-guided pain-relieving injections. Usamah has a special interest in marathon running, football and tennis injuries and has various roles as lead Sports Doctor at national and International Tournaments. He was part of the Medical Consultant team looking after athletes at the Olympic Village for the 2012 London Olympic Games. He has previous affiliation to the Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Bath, and is now Examiner for the UK Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine, UK. He also reviews and oversees best practice of other Consultant Doctors as Appraiser and as board member of a panel overseeing Consultant applications on behalf of the General Medical Council.

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