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Private X-Ray & Fluoroscopy in Harley Street

X-rays and fluoroscopy are medical imaging techniques that use ionising radiation to create detailed images of the inside of the body. X-rays are commonly used to visualise bones and detect fractures or abnormalities, while fluoroscopy involves real-time imaging to observe the movement of organs or contrast agents within the body. These techniques play a crucial role in diagnosing various conditions and guiding medical procedures. Our highly trained team of cardiologists and technicians perform echocardiogram, which is a non-invasive test to diagnose any potential problems with your heart.

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What is an X-ray?

An x-ray is a simple and painless test that takes detailed pictures of the inside of your body. They are mainly used to study bones and joints and are sometimes used to look at internal organs. The x-ray machine uses a tube to produce an x-ray beam that is carefully aimed at the part of the body being examined.

Fluoroscopy is a special type of x-ray that gives a real-time video image on television monitors by taking continuous x-ray images of the body. It is useful for seeing dynamic bodily functions, such as the act of swallowing.

Discover the World of MRI Scans at UME Health

Unlocking the Power of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI scans are a medical imaging technique that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed images of body structures, aiding in the monitoring and diagnosis of various conditions like brain and spinal cord injuries, tumours, and musculoskeletal abnormalities.

Non-Invasive Precision

MRI scans are considered a valuable, non-invasive tool for healthcare professionals to make accurate diagnoses, develop appropriate treatment plans, monitor effectiveness, and track the progression of certain conditions over time. 

Safe and High-Resolution Imaging

MRI scans are gaining popularity due to their high-resolution, non-radiation images of internal body structures, making them a safer option than X-rays or CT scans, especially for patients requiring multiple scans over time.

A Comprehensive Perspective

Additionally, MRI can capture images from different angles and planes, allowing healthcare professionals to obtain a comprehensive view of the affected area and make more informed decisions regarding further patient care.

Tailored Scans for Comprehensive Insights

There are different kinds of MRI scans, such as contrast-enhanced MRI, functional MRI (fMRI), and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA). These scans can also be grouped by the phase of the imaging sequence, like T1-weighted, T2-weighted and T3-weighted MRI, which gives information about the tissues being imaged.

The UME Health MRI Scan Experience

Peace of Mind

UME Health's highly trained staff ensures patient safety and comfort during MRI scans using advanced technology, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience using state-of-the-art technology for high-quality images.

Sound Serenity and Comfort

Our MRI machines are equipped with advanced noise-cancelling technology to minimise any discomfort caused by loud noises. We also provide a calming and relaxing environment with soothing music to help patients feel at ease during the scan.

Relief for Claustrophobia and Anxiety

We offer sedative or anti-anxiety medication for claustrophobic or anxious individuals during MRI scans, with our experienced staff providing support throughout the process to ensure comfort and well-being.

Are X-rays safe?

If you are having an x-ray you will be exposed to some radiation. However, the part of your body being examined will only be exposed for a fraction of a second. The dose of radiation from a standard x-ray is the same amount of radiation that the average person receives from 10 days of naturally occurring background radiation. Your doctor will have referred you for an x-ray having fully assessed all possible risks and benefits.

Will it be comfortable?

X-rays are painless and our team will ensure you as comfortable as possible.





You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for your scan; a few simple instructions below:

On the day of your appointment you will need to arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment time.

Leave valuable possessions, such as jewellery and watches, at home.

The Scan/What to expect

You may be required to wear a hospital gown and remove any items that have metal (for example, glasses, jewellery and watches).

You may also be asked to hold your breath during the scan to avoid blurry images.

The radiographer may ask you to change position to allow images from different viewpoints.

After the scan

Patients are able to leave immediately after their x-ray and can carry on with their normal activities.

Results are usually ready within 24-48 hours and sent to the referring clinician.

UME Health Harley Street Radiology Consultants

Dr. Graham Robinson

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Graham qualified at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London in 1996. He trained in ...

Dr. Hammad Siddiqi

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Cross-sectional imaging with a subspecial interest in musculoskeletal imaging ...

Dr. Qaiser Malik

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Dr Qaiser Malik is a Consultant MSK Radiologist and Clinical Director of Radiology at ...

Dr. Saeed Mirsadraee

Cardiothoracic Radiologist

Specialties: Cardiovascular imaging, thoracic imaging, valve implantation imaging, vascular...

Dr. Zahir Amin

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Bile duct cancer, biliary strictures, liver tumour imaging, pancreatic cysts ...

Dr. Syed Babar

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Musculoskeletal radiology, gynaecological imaging, sports and orthopaedic...

Dr. Timothy Beale

Consultant Cardiologist

Specialties: Head and neck radiology with a particular interest in radiology of head and neck ...

Dr. Steve Connor

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Dr Steve Connor was appointed as a consultant neuroradiologist at King’s College ...

Dr. Catriona Davies

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Ultrasound, gynaecological imaging, colorectal imaging, urological imaging ...

Dr. Sajid Butt

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Radiology, musculoskeletal and spinal imaging, sports imaging ...

Dr. Carole Ridge

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Cardiothoracic, oncologic imaging and interventional radiology ...

Dr. Andrew Plumb

Consultant Radiologist

Specialties: Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, colorectal cancer, bowel cancer, colon ...

Dr. Polly Richards

Consultant Radiologists

Specialties: Dr Polly Richards is a neuroradiologist specialising in head and neck imaging, ultrasound of ...

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Self-Pay Options

We offer self-payment options, and we can provide you with a breakdown of the expenses linked to your treatment.


Fast Scans and Results

We offer exclusive consultations every day at our specialised diagnostic facility and results of scans will be reported and delivered within 2 days.


Local GP Available

In case you're in need of immediate private GP attention, UME Health provides expedited services for the same purpose.


Friendly and Welcoming Staff

At our clinic, we take pride in our friendly and welcoming staff. We want our patients to feel welcome and cared for.

X-Ray and fluoroscopy FAQs

Welcome to our FAQ section about X-ray and fluoroscopy! We understand that patients often have questions and concerns about these imaging procedures, which is why we have compiled a selection of commonly asked questions in the section below. Whether you're curious about the process, safety measures, or the benefits of X-ray and fluoroscopy, we aim to provide you with the answers you're looking for. Our goal is to help you feel informed and confident when undergoing these diagnostic tests. Browse through the questions and feel free to click on any that pique your interest. We're here to provide you with the information you need about X-ray and fluoroscopy.

UME Health Patients Reviews

At our clinic, we strive to provide the best possible care to our patients. We are dedicated to ensuring that each patient has a positive treatment experience and receives the best possible care from industry consultants. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment where our patients feel cared for and supported throughout their treatment journey. We value our patient's feedback and are committed to continuously improving our services to meet their needs.

Excellent service,I was there approximately 35-40 minutes early and was taken through for my scan within two minutes of arrival. Great service and staff were very friendly and helpful and explained everything as I went through the scan. Fantastic thanks Alfred
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn
All I can say is John Rubin is the bees knees.
Karen Revel-Chion
Karen Revel-Chion
Visiting the clinic is a good experience. The staff treat their patients with a perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism.
Bijan Hassanzadeh
Bijan Hassanzadeh
Very attentive, caring and polite. The staff made me feel comfortable and confident that I am in good hands.
Tim Edge
Tim Edge
Efficient, helpful staff. Everything ran smoothly!
Philip Connolly
Philip Connolly
The two people I met this morning Lisa and Anmir were absolutely marvellous. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They were courteous, friendly, very professional and efficient and constantly smiling and making me feel at ease. This would have to rate as the best experience in a medical facility I’ve ever had. Thank you so much to them both. Particularly Anmir ,before I went in the MIR scan machine , he made sure I was comfortable and was an absolute gentleman afterwards.
Kath Blakeman
Kath Blakeman
I could not had had a better experience, Thanks to Russell who made me feel totally at ease, whilst having an MRI on my spine today. Many thanks.

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